Schedules and Policies

Instructor Schedules

Childbloom Studio Policies and Tuition Rates

Monthly Tuition Rates

Customary Group Rate (30 min.): $85

Sibling Group Rate/Twice Weekly Rate (30 min.): $75/child

Individual Private Rate (30 min.): $130

Tuition payments are computed on a yearly basis (42 lessons)

Although students are technically enrolled “a month at a time,” monthly tuition payments are based on this scheduling plan and the format of the lessons (group, private, sibling, etc.) Please make tuition checks payable directly to your instructor, not “Childbloom” .

Tuitions are due at the LAST LESSON of the month for the upcoming month, or by the 5th.

Past Due Payments: Please note that past due payments cause unnecessary harm to your instructor. This is our paycheck and being paid on time ensures we can pay our bills as well.

Auto Payments: If you have automatic bill-pay set up through your bank so that checks reach your instructor before the 5th, these payments must go directly to your instructor’s home – not the office – so please make sure you have the instructor’s correct home address.

All students must pay the full monthly tuition regardless of any lessons missed.

If you “choose” to no t attend a lesson due to another activity (incl. sports practices), these lessons missed will NOT be credited to you. Students are NOT entitled to makeup lessons for those missed. In the same manner, if your instructor has to miss a lesson with your child and cannot reschedule or find a substitute teacher, you will be credited that amount in the tuition payment due for the following month.

Exceptions: The only exceptions to this rule are family emergencies and illness of the student. If your child was sick enough to remain home from school, please do not come to the lesson that day and risk exposing others to illness.

Your instructor must have notice of intent to drop by the 15th of a month prior to the month withdrawing from the program.

If notice is not received, you will be responsible for the following months tuition . Any family withdrawing otherwise must pay the full monthly tuition to the end of the month in which they withdraw. Please note that if you must drop for a period of time, your instructor cannot reserve your lesson time. Also, if you miss a month of lessons, do not pay, and had not called two weeks prior to the month missed, this action will be considered an “illegitimate drop.” You will need to re-contact your instructor to reschedule weekly lessons as your prior lesson slot will be forfeited, and you will be required to repay the enrollment fee of $30 before resuming lessons.

Expectations of the Students by the Instructors:

  1. Students are expected to behave appropriately in lessons. This means they are to follow the instructor’s directions to the best of their abilities. If a problem occurs in the lesson (not related to behavior), the instructor will attempt to handle the issue first. However, parents are expected to assist, when asked, with issues directly relating to their own child’s behavior or in helping the student to understand an in-class issue or concept. If behavioral problems persist, the student will be excused from the lesson, and ultimately the program. If conceptual, technical or other class/curricular problems persist, we may need to move the student from the group, or recommend other courses of action until we are able to better able to serve the student.

  2. Students are expected to practice the guitar at home between lessons as outlined by their instructor. “Practice” means something entirely different for a six-year old child in Level One and a 14 year-old intermediate student. Talk with your instructor about age/level appropriate practice activities and strategies for your child.


  1. There will be several performance opportunities throughout the year. Some are listed on the Schedule of Lessons and Events, and other recitals will be announced by your instructor at the lessons. All recitals are voluntary, and some are by invitation only.

  2. The dress code for recitals is a red Childbloom T-Shirt and blue jeans, unless otherwise stated.

  3. Recitals can be a great thing for your child, but only if the students are adequately prepared; meaning they must practice on their own, and attend any scheduled mandatory rehearsals. Failure to attend these rehearsals hurts the whole group, not just your child. An instructor reserves the right to excuse an ill prepared student from a performance – again, this is as much for the student’s sake as for the good of their group. With your help, we will let each student know what will be expected of them at the time they receive their music for any recital.

  4. We will expect appropriate behavior from the students during the rehearsals and recitals (as we do in the lessons). We realize that kids get excited, but anyone causing an extreme disturbance will be dismissed from the rehearsal (or recital) and parents spoken with to determine if further action need be taken with regards to participation in the program.

The staff and administration of The Childbloom Guitar Program reserve the right to make amendments and changes to the above policies when necessary for the good of our teachers and students alike. In the case of tuition increases, students will be alerted 30 days prior to the increase taking effect. Other changes will take effect immediately unless otherwise indicated.

Many of the Childbloom Guitar Programs involve their students in performance groups that regularly play in the community. Childbloom groups throughout the country regularly perform for hospitals, retirement centers, schools, libraries and offices.

Wouldn’t you like your children to make this valuable outreach part of their lives? This is part of the Childbloom spirit.

Come join us!